Tinted 3M Color Stable 20% film www.autotonesana.lv

Tinted 3M Color Stable 20% film  http://www.autotonesana.lv


3M CS20 Color Stable 20%

Visible Light Transmission 19%
Total Solar Energy Rejection 51%
Ultra-Violet Light Rejection 99%
Glare Reduction


Automotive Window Tint
3M is a leader in creating technologically-advanced window films. 3M’s latest achievement is the creation of premium Color-Stable automotive window films that hold their color, are high heat rejecting and don’t interfere with your satellite signals. All Color-Stable films come with a limited lifetime warranty, which includes color stability. No purple windows. Guaranteed!

3M™ Color Stable Automotive Films, allows for maximum heat rejection without metals, and does not interfere with radio and/or satellite signals. It also gives our films a beautiful neutral black look with unpararell color stability.

3M Color Stable window tinting -www.autotonesana.lv

3M Color Stable window tinting -www.autotonesana.lv

3M Color Stable 5
8% Visible light transmitted
58% Total solar energy rejected
72% Infrared rejected
99% UV light rejected
6% Visible light reflected
92% Glare reduction
49% Solar heat reduction
3M™ Color-Stable Automotive Window Films
High performance dark film for automotive market. May also have applications in the commerical markets. Provides good heat and glare reduction.