Toyota Land Cruiser L200 tinted with LLumar ATR 5

🚘Toyota Land Cruiser L200 tinted with LLumar ATR 5 metalized window film🔥 Total Solar Energy Rejection 70 %🌞Perfect 💯


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LLumar Paint Protection Film 

LLumar Paint Protection Film      ▶  AUTOTONESANA TINT SERVICE


LLumar PPF autologutonesana

LLumar Paint Protection Film is an 8 mil (200 micron) urethane film designed to protect automobile finishes from
chips and scratches from stones, road debris and winter salt and sand. LLumar Paint Protection film utilizes a dual
layer construction, with the top layer providing a long lasting harder coat to preserve the high gloss finish of the film
and the appearance of the automobile. The bottom layer, along with a proprietary adhesive system, is designed to
provide a second layer of protection and a highly conformable and easy to install film.
Technical Data Sheet – September 2011
Paint Protection Film
Product Roll Length Widths 12″ 18″ 24″ 30″ 36″ 48″ 60″
Paint Protection Film 50′ • •
Paint Protection Film 100′ •••••
General Description
Roll Sizes Offered
Product Construction
Urethane Film Clear and non-yellowing
Adhesive High Performance Adhesive
Urethane 8 mil (200 micron)
Adhesive 2 mil (50 micron)
Liner 5 mil (125 micron)
Liner Easy release silicone coated polyester
Physical Properties
2 mil mounting adhesive
5 mil release liner
1 mil clear urethane hard layer
7 mil clear urethane soft layer
Performance Test Test Condition Results
Tensile strength (psi) ASTM D 412 5000
Elongation (%) ASTM D 412 550%
Peel Adhesion 72 hrs @ RT 800 N/m
180 degree (N/m) Humidity – 168 hrs @ 95% RH 800 N/m
Heat Age – 168 hrs @ 70°C 800 N/m
High Temp – 1 hr @93°C 800 N/m
Environmental Weathering Cycle 800 N/m
Weathering Humidity – 168 hrs @ 95% RH NDE*
Tests Heat Age – 168 hrs @ 70°C NDE*
High Temp – 1 hr @ 93°C NDE*
Environmental Cycle – 2 NDE*
Corrosion – 24 hr Salt Spray NDE*
Film Durability – Gravelometer NDE*
Xenon Arc – 1250 KJ/m^2 NDE*
Florida – 350,000 langleys 45º Pass
Arizona – 350,000 Langleys 5º Pass
Outdoor Exposure 24 hr in 40º C water, 1 hr @ RT NDE*
Chemical Isopropyl Alcohol NDE*
Resistance VM&P Naphtha NDE*
Paint Cleaning Solvent NDE*
Fuel Resistance – Gasoline Dip NDE*
Chipping Resistance Gravelometer (SAE J400) Pass
Wear Resistance Taber Abrasion Test No wear through
Shrinkage 30 min. @ 120 degree C <1%
*No Detrimental Effects
Technical Data Sheet – September 2011
One year from date of receipt by customer when stored at 40°F – 90°F (4°C – 32°C) @ 0-90% relative
humidity. Optimum recommended storage conditions are 75°F (24°C) @ 50% relative humidity.
Questions? (800) 255-8627 •
©2011 Solutia Inc., St. Louis, Missouri, USA. All rights reserved. LLumar and LLumar logo are trademarks of Solutia Inc. As used
herein, ® denotes registered trademark status in the U.S. only. Visual renderings are for illustrative purposes only.
Paint Protection Film
Technical Data
Shelf Life

Volvo XC 60 D5 windows tinting with LLumar Stealch window film

Volvo XC 60 D5 windows tinting with LLumar Stealch 5 window film

Total Solar Energy Rejection 69%    Perfect choice 

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🚘Audi a4 tinted with LLuma Titanium 15 metalized window film.

🚘Audi a4 tinted with LLuma Titanium 15 metalized window film. Front windows with 3M crystalline 90 Total Solar Energy 34 %.💯 Perfect.
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